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Molly Harper

Fundraising | Strategy & Planning | Succession Planning | Organizational Development | Leadership | Governance & Board Development | Workshops, Trainings & Retreats

Molly founded the Harper Consulting Group with an integrated approach to organizational and revenue development built through a lifetime dedicated to innovation and movement-building. Recognizing that the whole is affected by the quality of its parts, the Harper Haines Group tailors business models and strategies to focus on the linkage of silos within an organization and work to unravel inefficiencies and gaps that strangle otherwise successful efforts.

This approach is grounded in Molly’s multi-faceted experience. From fundraising for political campaigns in rural communities to United States Senate campaigns to legislation and speech-writing on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, Molly thrives in developing strategies that motivate disparate groups of people toward specific action while building a base for ongoing support. She also works with a variety of business, nonprofits and social enterprise organizations building high-functioning teams and developing revenue and engagement programs from the ground-up. Excelling at dispelling fears around fundraising, sales and helping groups develop the skills for quality relationship-based engagement practices, Molly’s passion for this work is contagious.

Molly developed a deep understanding of entrepreneurship in starting new enterprises and fostering innovation in established companies through her work with private investors and private companies. Building agile yet strong business models is critical to revenue development but also in remaining relevant to an entity’s target audience. This experience also heightened her focus on creating tight financial and human resource systems that maximize impact and sustainable growth.

Molly applies her understanding of the systems and approaches that work well in each sector by building hybrid business models utilizing the best of both the nonprofit, public and private sectors. For example, building a earned revenue program into a nonprofit organization or a community support program into a private company.

The Harper Consulting Group is the embodiment of Molly’s diverse background and utilizes her expertise in the wide array of services offered. The team includes three other highly skilled consultants who bring an array of other skills and experiences to the table. Molly currently lives with her two puppies in beautiful Seattle, Washington.





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