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Mary Murray

Strategy & Planning | Program Evaluation | Organizational Development | Workshops, Trainings & Retreats

Mary Murray has dedicated her career to improving conditions for children, youth and families by improving the schools and community-based organizations that serve them. With a Bachelor’s in psychology from Haverford College, Mary was accepted into Teach for America, an organization that addresses the inequities facing children growing up in low-income areas by providing them with excellent teachers. She later earned a Master’s Degree in Community & Prevention Research at the University of Illinois. Mary then joined the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority, where she created and managed systems of capacity-building to over 500 grantees, including school districts, law enforcement agencies, and community-based agencies working to prevent youth and family violence.
Noting a growing interest in evaluation in the non-profit sector, coupled with a shortage of qualified evaluators serving grass-roots organizations, Mary founded MEMconsultants in 2001 to provide affordable consulting services that empower community-based organizations with the evaluation tools, skills and habits that strengthen programs.

MEMconsultants’ services include program evaluation planning and implementation; theory of change and logic model development; data collection to amplify underrepresented voices; data visualization and dashboards; facilitation, training and capacity building; and program development and curriculum design. Our clients consistently value equity, inclusion, and social justice. Typical clients include:

  • Grassroots organizations serving the community through youth development, arts education, outdoor education and partnerships with public schools;

  • Public agencies working to end youth homelessness, provide affordable housing and foster community development;

  • Museums and cultural institutions that are designing relevant exhibits and inclusive public programs; and

  • Foundations and intermediary organizations focused on building the capacity of the nonprofit sector.




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