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Jennifer Haddon

Financial Management & Audits | Legal & Tax Issues

Jennifer Haddon, CPA, is the managing partner of Jones & Associates, a Seattle area-based CPA firm dedicated to the financial needs of the smaller nonprofit (those generally under $5 million in revenue).   Jennifer has 18+ years of public accounting experience, working exclusively with nonprofit organizations.   Although an auditor at heart, after joining Jones & Associates in 2012, she expanded her skills and nonprofit knowledge by preparing 990s; consulting with nonprofits on internal controls, compliance, and accounting issues; and developing and presenting educational resources. Jennifer is passionate about the nonprofit community and helping small nonprofits succeed with their finances and operations.   She has always been driven by the desire to help people, and to make the world a better place – but accounting was perhaps the inevitable career choice, with an accountant mother and a scientist father.

Jennifer graduated magna cum laude from Seattle University with a degree in accounting, and also has a liberal arts degree from the University of Oregon. She is a member of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and the Washington Society of CPAs (WSCPA) and serves as a Scholarship Reviewer for the Washington CPA Foundation.  

Jones & Associates annually works with over 180 nonprofit clients representing a wide range of industries, including social services, environmental, education, arts, animal welfare, and many more. Services provided include: financial statement audit, review, and compilation; IRS Form 990 preparation; consulting on internal controls, accounting, and financial reporting; and webinars, in person seminars, and other educational resources.




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