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Bob Ness

Executive Leadership & Coaching | Strategy & Planning & Transitions | Organization Renewal and Invention | Governance/Board Development | International Development-Projects/NGOs

For over 40 years, Bob Ness has provided services to executives and Boards of regional, national, and international clients. An activist for the independent/nonprofit sector, Bob has worked with numerous capacity-building organizations supporting the nonprofit leadership and infrastructure.

He believes that organizational success requires empowering individuals at all levels of organization. Several hundred organizations of all sizes, stages of development, and diverse missions - international, national, and local - have benefited from Bob's consultation.

He has worked with organizations devoted to the arts, environment, education, social services, mental health, youth & children, seniors, health, science/technology transfer, housing, ethics, tribal, trade organizations, faith-based, community development, economic development, diversity inclusion equity, government, professional associations, international NGOs/nonprofits, and foundations. Additionally, Bob has been on the faculty, adjunct faculty, lectured, and/or served as faculty advisor at 9 universities.

With formal training in clinical and consulting psychology, specialization in group and organizational behavior, he also has advanced training in sociology, negotiations, and leadership development.

Beyond consulting, Bob has served on 25 Boards of Directors, been a nonprofit executive director, and founder of several organizations. These experiences help connect him with and understand people who have challenges in various positions within an organization.

As co-founder of the Global Leadership Forum Bob’s global perspective helps initiate international development.

Past projects have included leading work in Russia/USSR, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, East Africa, SE Asia,China, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean.

He particularly likes complex, challenging projects that can be addressed with imagination and vision.  

Some projects include:

  • Assistance to foundations to meet donor requirements and result in social impact

  • Master planning for use and trusteeship of Ernest Hemingway’s home

  • Development of corporate social impact programs

  • Development of the national arts organization of Mongolia

  • Strengthening tribal governance and legal systems

  • Creation of Russian/American teams supporting democratic governance and leadership

  • Co-creation of the Global Leadership Forum that supports International social impact organizations

  • Coaching leaders and emerging leaders for years and seeing them succeed

Bob's purpose is one of service, finding heart and meaning by assisting organizations whose missions improve societies and nurture our planet.




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