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Bob Ness

Bob Ness


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For over 35 years, Bob Ness has provided services to executives and Boards of regional, national, and international nonprofit clients. He believes that organizational success requires empowering individuals at all levels of organization.

Several hundred nonprofits of all sizes, stages of development, and diverse, national, and local organizations have benefited from Bob's consultation.  He has worked with organizations devoted to the arts, environment, education, social services, mental health, youth & children, seniors, health, science/technology transfer, housing, ethics, tribal, trade organizations, faith-based nonprofits, foundations, community development, economic development, diversity, government, professional associations, international NGOs/nonprofits, foundations, and independent nonprofit sector infrastructure.

Bob has been on the faculty, adjunct faculty, lectured, and/or served as faculty advisor at 9 universities. With formal training in clinical and consulting psychology, specialization in group and organizational behavior, he also has advanced training in sociology, negotiations, and leadership education.

Beyond consulting, Bob has served in variety of roles with nonprofits, including 23 boards of directors, been a nonprofit executive director for several organizations, and having been in staff and volunteer roles. These experiences help him connect with and understand people who have challenges in various positions within an organization.

An activist for the independent/nonprofit sector, Bob has worked with organizations supporting the nonprofit leadership and infrastructure, including: The National Community Leadership Association, Leadership Tomorrow, The Evergreen State Society, Social Venture Partners International, The Executive Alliance, United Way of America, Washington Service Corps, Center for Civil Society International, VISTA, Peace Corps, City Year, The Internet Nonprofit Center, and others.

Bob's purpose is one of service, finding heart and meaning by assisting organizations whose missions improve our society and planet.  

Some of Bob’s focuses include:

  • International/Cross-Cultural/Diversity
  • Leadership, Succession Planning, Boards, Executive Teams, and Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Negotiations, Mediations, Mergers, Issue & Conflict Resolution
  • Creativity & Innovation

A partial list of clients served:

Community Leadership Association (International)
World Affairs Council
Leadership Tomorrow
Environmental Review
Outdoors for All Foundation
Peacetrees Vietnam
Foundation for Russian American Economic Cooperation
Pomegranate Center
White House Forum on Environmental Technology
The Evergreen Land Trust
Governor’s Task Force on Sustainable Economic Development
Washington Association of Crisis Clinics
Jewish Family Services
The Children’s Museum
Casey Family Foundation
City Year
Partners for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH)
Washington Health Association & Foundation
National Center for Ethics in Health Care
Washington Dental Service Foundation
Pacific Science Center
Northwest Intertribal Court System
Washington State Bar Association, Board of Governors
Washington Association of Chambers of Commerce Executives
Executive Alliance
United Way of America
Soros Foundation
Casey Family Foundation
Kellogg’s Foundation
Arts Council of Mongolia
The Group Theater
Pilchuck Glass School
University of Washington World Series
American Planning Association
International Sister Cities Assn. Mayor’s Council
Japan-America Society
Social Venture Partners International
Pacific Northwest Labs/Battelle Institute
Susan G. Komen Foundation/Komen for the Cure